Company Information

Positioned for Large U.S. Footprint

Red, White & Bloom’s roots are growing in the United States through our acquisitions and investment in the cannabis industry. Our proposed movement will make us the largest national player with retail outlets, a cultivation footprint and a diverse brand portfolio.

Our Mission

To be the most superior and recognizable cannabis company in the United States.

Our Vision

Building on first-mover advantage, we can offer scale, proprietary product development and a focused house of brands for all consumers to enjoy.

Making Footprints on American Soil

Our footprint is growing through a large multi-million-dollar investment in a large vertical cannabis operation coupled with our current portfolio of well-known brands and facilities. We are excited to be growing within the cannabis business as it has become one of the greatest retail markets in the U.S.


  • $1 Billion+ market with 1 in 5 Michiganders reporting cannabis use in 2020.
  • 18 total stores either open, awaiting license or turn-key.
  • Three operating cultivation facilities.


  • Projected $1 Billion market.
  • Aggressive dispensary expansion.
  • Developing a large-scale cultivation facility.


  • $4 Billion+ market.
  • Expand Platinum Vape brand portfolio throughout the state.
  • Develop large-scale brand development expansion.


  • $1.5 Billion projected market.
  • Platinum Vape brand is primed for launch through MSO partnership.
  • Immediate interest from dispensary owners for all our brands.


  • $.7B Market, Expected 2.9B by 2030
  • Went Recreational Feb. 2023
  • Creating partnerships for future market spread.


  • $1 Billion market.
  • Creating partnerships for future market spread.

A Diverse Set of Cannabis Brands

We offer a full suite of cannabis brands for anyone’s pleasure. Whether you are looking for a high, a low, or skincare containing THC or CBD, our diverse products line can meet your needs.

THC branding

THC Brands

Platinum Vape

Our Platinum Vape brand offers some of the most diverse cannabis products available, including edibles, skin and bath care and clothing.

CBD Brands

PV Wellness

PV Wellness is our direct-to-consumer brand offering 140 SKUs online targeting the Gen Z – Boomers markets. Offering a variety of consumer products utilizing indoor-grown, ultra-premium input CBD.

Cultivation Success

At Red White & Bloom, we bring Canadian standards to our growing operations in the U.S. With various facilities and cultivation leaders, we are strengthening our cultivation to be a proven scale player. We strive for purity, quality and consistency.

Leaders Igniting the Cannabis Business Torch

Our leadership team is comprised of some of the best cannabis thought-leaders and experts who are growing Red White & Bloom to become a leading cannabis company in the U.S.

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